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Foreign Exchange
AU 10799.6310690.69
Source : Bank Indonesia
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Jenis DanaHarga Unit 22/4Harga Unit 21/4
Balance Fund2367.87692367.7741
Bond Fund2333.18022339.9478
Money Market Fund1648.86471648.613
Equity Fund4938.07014931.1571
Equity Income Fund3657.45183653.411
Balanced Progressive Fund3475.21023468.3941
Equity Dynamic Fund1620.87261618.0415
Equity Infrastructure Fund1730.70491728.3172
Balanced Target Fund1225.74491224.4977
Equity Syariah Fund1989.9181988.332
Balanced Syariah Fund1364.82641360.8643
Dynamic Strategic Fund1084.37661083.0071
Platinum Bond Fund955.8471958.682
Platinum Money Market Fund1074.14511073.9757
Platinum Equity Fund1117.29171115.8934
Platinum Equity Income Fund1176.34451174.9858
Platinum Equity Dynamic Fund1086.881084.7635
Platinum Dynamic Strategic Fund1117.85411116.4892
USD Balanced Fund0.98140.9824